Retinal photography is a critical tool in monitoring the health of the inner eye. Our office is equipped with a state of the art digital retinal camera. Retinal photography produces highly detailed pictures that provide a "true-to-life" view of the inside of your eyes. This service is offered to all patients at no additional charge.  For most patients, we are able to take these pictures without dilating the eyes. This photo provides the doctors with a wonderful reference for monitoring the health of your eye. The photos are important for early detection of ocular and systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, glaucomadiabetes, and macular degeneration.​

Retinal Photography

After the photos are taken, our doctors will review the results with you in the exam room. We maintain the most up to date computer software with many educational videos that help us illustrate eye anatomy and various eye conditions.  Educational videos, in combination with retinal photos, allow our doctors to explain complex eye diseases in an easily understable format.

A Detached Retina

The arrows are pointing to the white part in the center of the optic nerve, illustrating irreversible damage. Optic nerve photos are taken periodically, allowing the doctor to compare photos over time for progression of glaucoma. An increase in size of the white part suggests that glaucoma is progressing. When progression occurs, a change in medical therapy is usually necessary to prevent peripheral vision loss. 

Patient at risk for Glaucoma