When should a child have their first eye exam?

Although children will see their pediatrician on a regular basis, the American Academy of Optometry recommends that a child have an exam by an Optometrist at 6 months of age.  At this age, the purpose of the eye exam is to make sure that there are no diseases present, no eye teaming or alignment issues, and will determine whether or not eye glasses/contacts are necessary.The need for glasses or pediatric contacts is extremely rare for babies. However, if eye conditions are not detected and addressed at an early age, the visual system may not develop properly and can lead to a lifetime of uncorrectable poor vision.

Pediatric Care


We recommend routine eye examinations EVERY year for children; even if there are no signs or symptoms of visual difficulty present.

Key elements of our exams:

Refractive status
Eye teaming and alignment
Depth perception
Color vision
Eye health
Visual acuity

Pediatric vision care is a rewarding service. We truly enjoy having children in our office. Our exam rooms are designed to accommodate children by having their own chairs, children books, and toys.