Our eyes and sight are one of the most precious senses. Too often we take our eyes for granted. Most people's eyes function well, and cause no symptoms or complaints. Unfortunately, problems may occur to threaten this wonderful sense - our sight.

Our eyes are very delicate and complex. DeMers Family Vision Group is devoted to the care of our most precious sense.
Our doctors recommend that you have an annual visit with your optometrist. This is an integral component of primary preventative care, and in maintaining your good vision. Your optometrist can detect eye problems in its early stages.  Early detection of eye disease/dysfunction is crucial, and may be present even if you do not require glasses. Early detection and treatment may prevent future loss of vision due to deteriorating ocular health.

Some eye symptoms that require immediate attention:

  •  Sudden onset of blurred or distorted vision 
  •  Sudden onset of double vision      
  •  Increase in visual floaters 
  •  Painful/Irritated eyes 
  •  Seeing flashes of light 
  •  Swollen Eyelids
  •  Excessive discharge in eyes

Ocular Emergencies