Dry Eye Information

Common Dry Eye Symptoms:

Gritty Eyes
Inability to read or do computer for more than short periods
Stinging Sensation 
Excessive Irritation
Excessive Tearing

Fish oil Supplements

Omega 3 fatty acid supplements from both diet and nutritional supplements have been gaining support from all areas of medicine due to their potential benefits to cardiovascular health.  We often recommend this supplement to dry eye sufferers to improve the quality of the natural oils present in tears, but not everyone is a candidate for Omega 3 supplements based on their heart health.  This supplement may be recommended after a review of your current medications and cardiovascular risk factors. 

Anti-inflammatory Medications

Topical drops, ointments, and oral tablets are prescribed to those who suffer from more severe forms of dry eye.  Some forms of dry eye occur because of an inflammatory eyelid disease, or pre-existing rosacea.  Because inflammation has been proven as a primary cause in many cases of dry eye, anti-inflammatories often play a role in treatment.  Your doctor will evaluate the underlying causes of your dry eye in determining these prescriptions.


Restasis is one such anti-inflammatory medication that may be prescribed for you. This drop is highly successful in bolstering tear volume in many patients with moderate to severe dry eyes.  Our doctors are certified in the treatment and management of ocular disease. They can evaluate whether this prescription drop is right for you.

How are Dry Eyes Treated?

Dry eye is an extremely troubling problem that is suffered by millions of Americans. Treatment that alleviates symptoms may dramatically restore quality of life to those suffering from this chronic disease. The main goal of treatment is to provide adequate lubrication for the eyes, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and keep the ocular surface healthy.  This goal may be achieved through increasing levels of treatment:

Artificial tears and Ointments 

Artificial tears supplement the natural tear layer. This provides short term relief for patients with a mild dry eye problem. There are many different brands of artificial tears available without a prescription.  Your doctor will make recommendations based on the level of dryness detected during your exam.

Humidity Goggles

Nighttime dryness may worsen symptoms for some dry eye sufferers.  Nighttime eye protection that provides heat and moisture may be of help to some patients.

Punctal Plugs

By slowing the drainage of tears off of the eyes through the tear canals, punctal plugs maintain the natural tear film on the eyes for longer periods. This treatment may be considered after other dry eye factors are controlled. Our doctors are highly skilled in making this procedure easy and painless.

Those at Risk for Dry Eyes:

Contact lens wearers
Age of 45+
Taking Certain medications
Certain medical conditions

The Nevada climate can be very uncomfortable for those prone to dry eyes. Our Doctors have been managing this issue for many years. We offer a very thorough dry eye evaluation, and have multiple options available for mild to severe dry eye symptoms.  If you have given up on contact lens wear due to dry eyes in the past, mention this fact to your doctor and see if we may help you get back into lenses.​