Comprehensive Eye Examinations

​Our Doctors recommend that you have your eyes examined yearly for a number of vital reasons. Not only is it important to renew your lens prescription to ensure that you see clearly, but it is also essential to have the health of your eyes evaluated. Often, patients find out that the changes in their vision are related to dry eyes, cataracts, or other eye health changes.  These problems are managed much differently than by simply changing glasses. Some eye conditions are time critical in seeking treatment, and degenerations in vision should be investigated in a timely manner.  Routine eye exams may often reveal the first signs of a systemic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure, due to our ability to examine the blood vessels inside the eye.   By having the health of your eyes evaluated annually, you can be confident that your prescription is accurate, and that your eyes have been thoroughly checked for more serious conditions that may be prevented with early intervention.